Right Brain Development Program for kids between 3 - 10 years in Delhi NCR

AmalgaMind, an ISB Alumna Venture, aims at nurturing holistic intelligence and enhancing cognitive skills (IQ) such as logical thinking, Creativity, memory and attention, problem solving, by using brain game, flashcards and higher-order thinking questions. All equipment provided at the centre.
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  • Age Groups
    Age Appropriate Grouping
    3 & 4 yrs
    5 to 7 yrs
    7 to 10 yrs
  • Batch Size
    Max 8 Children
    1 teacher for every 8 children
  • Sessions
    1 hr, once a week
    4 sessions a month
    12 sessions a quarter

Centers & Batch Timings

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    Hauz Khas
    Laxman Public School
    3 & 4 yrs
    Tue - 3.30 pm
    5 to 7 yrs
    Tue - 4.30 pm
    7 to 10 yrs
    Tue- 5.30 pm


One-time Registration Fee - Rs. 1,180 extra
  • Trial Class

    1 session
  • 12 sessions

    3 months
    590/session, 2,360/month

AmalgaMind: Gallery

About Amalgamind

Amalgamind 10 Amalgamind 10
AmalgaMind’s holistic brain Enrichment program goes beyond traditional learning by fostering the balanced development of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain which is often overlooked by the conventional education mechanism. This program takes a unique approach to learning by focusing on stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain, often associated with visual and spatial processing, creativity, intuition, and holistic thinking. Simultaneously it focuses on left hemisphere of the brain, known for its association with logical thinking, language processing, and analytical skills. Main aim of their Brain enrichment or cognitive training program is to stimulate your child’s brain to promote its neuroplasticity. This amazing ability allows their brain to form new connection and organize existing ones improving overall brain power or cognitive functioning including memory, attention, processing speed, logic, problem-solving, decision making.
  • 37546
    There have been more than 37546 sessions delivered by the AmalgaMind Brain Enrichment Program
  • 3028
    There have been more than 3028 kids who have been a part of the AmalgaMind Brain Enrichment Program
  • 856
    AmalgaMind has designed more than 856 engaging activities for kids so far
  • 55
    More than 55 teachers are part of teaching team at AmalgaMind

Why AmalgaMind's Brain Enrichment Program for kids

  • Memory
    Sharpened Memory and Processing Speed

    Through engaging activities, we’ll train your child’s memory and processing speed, allowing them to absorb information more effectively.
  • Analytical skill
    Analytical Powerhouse

    Sharpen your child’s critical thinking skills through engaging activities that encourage problem-solving, logic, and reasoning.
  • Problem solving
    Problem-Solving Prowess

    We encourage a playful and creative approach to problem-solving, helping them develop critical thinking skills that extend far beyond the classroom.
  • Focus
    Focus and Concentration

    Develop strong focus and concentration skills, essential for successful learning and academic performance.
  • Application
    Real-World Application

    Connect classroom learning to real-world situations, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills that extend beyond textbooks.

Different elements of AmalgaMind's Brain Enrichment Program

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    brain Games
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    Flashcards with Info Bytes
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    Higher order thinking questions

Parent Testimonial

My son has started picking up even complex English words early on and has now become fond of our reading lessons. I love to attend AmalgaMind's sessions along with my child, there is so much to learn as a parent. Thanks to AmalgaMind's right brain enrichment classes. 


After attending the class for 2 years, I realized my daughter, Samaira is able to learn things very fast. She particularly loves solving puzzles and i never have to struggle to teach her because she is able to figure out within a short period of time. I strongly believe with her attending the class, it had helped her to achieve this result which both my hubby and i are proud of. kudos to the teachers and we look forward to enroll our 2nd daughter next year!


 I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the AmalgaMind teachers and staff. After several classes, Viaan has surprised me by beginning to observe little details and patterns around in the environment. After attending AmalgaMind classes for half a year, i see tremendous improvement in Viaan's ability to grasp new information. His memory has improved and is able to recall a number of the activities done in class. the innovation factor in the class keeps him interested. He enjoys mimicking the teachers at home. He is now more participative in class compared to when he first started. He is able to tell the number of objects, thanks to the training menthod learnt in class. The international language section also helped spurred his enthusiasm in reciting different language words. I'm positive on the long-term results of AmalgaMind's methodology. I would greatly recommend AmalgaMind classes.


Amalgamind Engagement with different age groups

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What are the benefits of this program?

    AmalgaMind’s brain enrichment program at curio (based on proven American and Japanese Methods) through unique techniques lets your child access its right brain potential. It would enhance the creative genius of your child, would help them expand their photographic memory which will lend them power to perform speed reading, speed calculations and speed learning. It will also strengthen their problem solving and social emotional skills. Further it will provide them key to access their intuition power & talent to see the bigger picture.
  • Q. Would there be any evaluation mechanism in the program?

    This is based on the premise that each child possesses unique abilities and hence cannot be compared with any other child. So our aim would not be to compare one child with another but to observe how an individual is growing & transforming compared to himself as they gradually experience through our unique programs. We would maintain performance & growth record for each child and feedback would be provided to parents on a quarterly basis.
  • Q. How is this program different from existing schooling mechanism?

    Our existing educational mechanism, which primarily plays on on our left brain capabilities, is based on the assumption that the our ability to absorb more and more complex information increases with age. Hence, more complex information is fed as age increases. Right brain education believes that initial years of a child is a high information absorption period, during which whatever information is taught, simple or complex, it will be absorbed at a very fast pace. And this power to rapidly absorb information diminishes with age.
  • Q. What is the program schedule like?

    We typically conduct weekly classes of 60 minutes from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Q. What are some of the techniques which are used in this program?

    Our sessions will be filled with fast paced playful activities, each of them enhancing one or more brain functions. These activities can possibly fall under the category of Imagery Play, Sensory Play, Memory Play, Speed Play (Math, Vocab, Reading), Musical Play, Visual Stimulation, Left Brain Games or Physical Play.

Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas

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