Bring Curio to your neighbourhood

Curio is committed to launching these after-school activities in your neighbourhood. So that your child spends more time in learning and growing, than in commute.

Help with Space

Introduce us to the management team of any school / pre-school / RWA community center in your area.
  • Identify 2 to 3 potential spaces in your neighbourhood

    School / Pre-school / Community RWA Center
  • We will come to do the space assessment of your shortlisted options

  • Introduce us to the management team of the shortlisted spaces

    A Principal or Trustee of that School / Pre-School RWA / Community Center - Post Holder - President / Secretary
  • We will discuss the operational considerations and commercials with them

Help Generate Parent Enquiries

We will give you the necessary collaterals to help circulate amongst your parent group
  • Identify 3-4 Whatsapp Groups in your neighbourhood

  • Introduce us to the admin of the group

  • We will discuss the operational considerations with the admins of the Whatsapp Groups

  • We will provide the collaterals for circulation with a parent sign up form

  • We will conduct a free demo day for the interested parents

Be our Parent Champion

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