Science Experiment Program for 3-8 years old.

CurioBoat has tied up with Kide Science which is a Finland based after-school STEAM program for preschool and primary school children between the ages of 3 years to 8 years and has been awarded amongst global 100 education innovations. They teach STEAM concepts using the fun of storytelling and hands-on experiments and encourage children to ask questions and discover answers through experiments and observations. New Batches starting soon. Join us for a free trial class.

All equipment provided at the center.
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  • Age Groups
    Age Appropriate Grouping
    3 & 4 yrs
    5 & 6 yrs
    7 & 8 yrs
  • Batch Size
    Max 12 Children
    1 facilitator for up to 6 children
    2 facilitators for up to 12 children
  • Sessions
    1 hr, twice a week
    8 sessions a month
    24 sessions a quarter

Center & Batch Timings

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    Hauz Khas
    Laxman Public School
    3 & 4 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 5:00pm
    Sat & Sun - 11:00am

    5 to 7 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 4:00pm
    Sat & Sun - 10:00am

KideScience: Gallery


One-time Registration Fee - Rs. 1,180 extra
  • Trial Class

    1 session
  • 24 sessions

    3 months
    492/session, 3933/month
  • 48 Sessions

    6 months
    443/session, 3540/month
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About KideScience

Kide Science platform offers the most engaging model to break the mould and give teachers the confidence to teach science & inquiry-based lessons with play and stories to children aged 3-8.
Kide Science is here to help children become active producers of knowledge and meaning, helping them grow into problem solvers and creative thinkers for their future social needs.
For young children, the natural way to produce meaning is through play – not sit down, be quiet, and absorb pre-ground knowledge.
  • 10
    EU chose Kide Science as one of the Top 10 European Startups
  • 100 Million
    As per UNICEF, Kide Science has a potential to improve outcomes for 100 million children globally
  • 1000000
    There have been more that 1 million kids who have been a part of the Kide Science system
  • 30000
    More than 30,000 facilitators have gotten the opportunity to teach at kidescience
  • 32
    Kide Science is operating in 32 countries in the world

Why Science Classes for Kids

Science Experiments for Kids is a fun way to prepare kids for lifelong learning and experiences.
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    Research - Based Curriculum

    The latest research into science education and pedagogical approaches are at the core of our product and we do not compromise on that.
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    We are Data-Driven! Our mission is to create the next generation of critical thinkers and we should be critical thinkers ourselves as well!!
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    Curio is opening several centres in Delhi NCR to provide access to the KideScience program close to where you live
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    Safe, Secure & Child Friendly

    Completely safe premises – Curio is housed inside a school/preschool.
  • Network
    Social Interactions

    A kid learns essential life skills like teamwork in a social setting with children of similar age
  • Coach
    Well Trained Facilitators

    Our facilitators mould the activities result-oriented.

Different hands on experiments for different age groups

3 & 4 Yr Olds



5 & 6 Yr Olds



7 & 8 Yr Olds



Parents Testimonials

What they say about our science classes for kids
All in All, I loved this kidescience They have some fun and innovative experiments which can make kids happy and excited about Science and Math. Usually, kids do not like Math or Science, but Kide Science has made it possible for engaging the kids to Mahs and Science.
Nisha panwar, Ayan's mom
"Aarav was amazed to see the colorful blobs of oil and water moving up and down, just like a real lava lamp! This hands-on experiment sparked his curiosity about the properties of liquids and gases, and he couldn't wait to try more science experiments afterward."
Neha Mathur, Aarav's Mom
One experiment that stood out was creating a volcano eruption using baking soda and vinegar. Her eyes lit up with joy as she watched the bubbling mixture simulate a volcanic eruption. This experiment sparked her curiosity and she now eagerly seeks out more experiments to learn about the world around him."
Anisha Aggarwal, Saira's Mom
"I've always encouraged my children to explore and question the world around them, and science experiments have been an excellent way to foster their curiosity. Science experiments have become a fantastic tool for both education and creating unforgettable memories."
Sonam Sawhney, Vivaan's Mom

Kidescience Engagement with different age groups

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is going to teach these Science Experiments to kids?

    Curio has partnered with KideScience, a Finland-based after-school STEAM program for preschool and primary school children between the ages of 3 years to 8 years and has been awarded among the global 100 education innovations., to deliver these Science Experiment Classes for kids near you. We have trained professional and early childhood educators who conduct these classes.
  • What age groups do these Science Experiment classes cater for?

    The KideScience program conducts Science Experiment classes for children from the age of 3 years to 8 years.
  • Do you offer science classes for toddlers?

    ​No. We don't have programs related to science activities for toddlers.
  • What are the timings for these activities for children?

    Timings for these classes differ during the summer and winter months. During summer, these children's sports classes run from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.
  • Do you conduct summer camps?

    ​Yes. KideScience and Curio conduct summer camps in different centres.
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