Multi Sports classes for kids between 2 to 7 years in Delhi NCR

CurioBoat has partnered with SportyBeans, India's renowned multi - sport program for kids aged between 2 to 7 years. We introduce children to 9 popular sports - Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Golf and Rugby - helping a child build foundational skills and a lifelong interest in sports and physical activities.

All equipment provided at the center.
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  • Age Groups
    Age Appropriate Grouping
    2+ yrs
    3 & 4 yrs
    5 to 7 yrs
  • Batch Size
    Max 12 Children
    two coaches in each batch

    1 coach for every 6 children
  • Sessions
    1 hr, twice a week
    8 sessions a month

    24 sessions a quarter

Centers & Batch Timings

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    Hauz Khas
    Laxman Public School
    3 & 4 yrs
    Tue & Thu - 6:00pm

    5 to 7 yrs
    Tue & Thu - 5:00pm
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    Lodhi Road
    Diwan Chand Arya School
    3 & 4 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 6:00pm

    5 to 7 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 5:00pm
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    Friends Colony
    Maharani Bagh / Friends Colony
    2+ yrs
    Tue & Thu - 4:45pm

    3 & 4 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 5:30pm
  • Screenshot 2024 05 01 10.42.05 am
    Guru Harkrishan public school
    3 & 4 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 6:00pm

    5 to 7 yrs
    Wed & Fri - 4:30pm


One-time Registration Fee - Rs. 1,180 extra
  • Trial Class

    1 session
  • 24 sessions

    3 months
    492/session, 3933/month
  • 48 Sessions

    6 months
    443/session, 3540/month

SportyBeans: Gallery

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About SportyBeans

SportyBeans is India’s premier multi-sport program for children (aged 2.5-7 years), operating since 2009. Their research backed sports curriculum teaches children the fundamentals of 9 popular ball sports in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment. SportyBeans seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport. As well as physical improvements, we carefully develop life skills, such as confidence, concentration, social interaction, sportsmanship values and many more, in a caring and fun environment.
  • 15000
    There have been more that 15000 kids who have been a part of the sportybeans system
  • 1000
    Sportybeans is currently serving classes to 1000 students at its centers
  • 100
    More than 100 coaches have gotten the opportunity to teach at sportybeans
  • 30
    Sportybeans currently has more than 30 centers across India
  • 16
    Sportybeans has delivered in 16 cities across India

Why Sports Classes for Kids

Sports training for kids is a fun way to make kids ready for lifelong learning and experiences.
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    Fitness & Skills

    Sports help develop a child's overall fitness and improve their motor skills.
  • Icons8 performance smartphone 48
    Academic performance

    Participating in sports improves a child's focus and helps perform better in academics.
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    Curio is opening several centers in Delhi NCR to provide acccess to the SportyBeans program close to where you live
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    Safe, Secure & Child Friendly

    Completely safe premises – Curio is housed inside a school/preschool.
  • Network
    Social Interactions

    A kid learns essential life skills like teamwork in a social setting with children of similar age
  • Coach
    Well Trained Coaches

    Our coaches mould the activities result-oriented.

9 Different sports at Sportybeans

Sportybeans is a mixture of 9 different sports which are:
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Parents Testimonials

What they say about our sports classes for kids

Sportybeans Engagement with different age groups

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is going to teach these sports activities to kids?

    Curio has partnered with Sportybeans, India's leading multi-sports program for children, to deliver these sports activities for kids near you. We have trained professional and early childhood educators who conduct these classes.
  • What age groups do these sports classes cater for?

    The Sportybeans program conducts sports classes for children from the age of 3 years to 8 years.
  • Do you conduct summer camps?

    ​Yes. Sportybeans and Curio conduct summer camps in different centers.
  • How are the sports programs decided for every kid? Based on age group or sport?

    We have various options to cater to everyone's needs. There are multi-sport programs, single sport focussed programs, and specific skills training as well. We can help you find a kids' sports program according to your needs.
  • ​What if my child wants to focus only on football classes? Can my child switch between two different sports?

    We suggest you enrol the child in a specialized football coaching program. Football coaching for kids is a great way for your child to become more active and develop flexibility. Please refer to the sports and fitness page.
  • What are the timings for these sports activities for children?

    Timings for these multi-sports classes differ during the summer and winter months. During summer, these children's sports classes run from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.
  • What all sports classes for kids do you offer?

    Curio offers nine different sports classes - cricket, football, hockey, golf, volleyball, baseball, rugby, tennis, and basketball.
  • My child has not yet played a sport. Is this any sports activity for children who do not have any prior sports background?

    ​No prior experience in a particular sport is required to be enrolled in the program. A child has the full opportunity to learn from the very beginning.
  • Do you offer sports classes for toddlers?

    ​No. We don't have programs related to sports activities for toddlers.

Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas

Diwan Chand Arya School,
Lodhi Road

Maharani Bagh, Friends Colony

Guru Harkrishan Public School, GK1

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