CurioBoat: Build. Play. Learn. Together.

A network of neighbourhood activity & community centres providing 21st-century, project and play based, hands-on learning experiences with peers.
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    At CURIO, a learner can engage in practical, project-based learning and meet like-minded people over shared interests. Because we believe that learning is more fun, with one another, from each other.

    CURIO partners with selectively curated national and international activity providers to run their programs on CURIO. Only selected Educators with 21st-century relevant courses are invited to be a part of CURIO.

Curio is a growth platform, focused on Learners & Educators

  • Learners

    The formal school and college education system is broken. It is characterised by a fear-based, marks-driven, rate-race-based system, giving rise to tuition and entrance exam coaching.

    What if, we could create a project and play-based learning ecosystem, where learners could pursue their interests, fail fearlessly, and explore endlessly.
  • Educators

    We believe in learning experiences that make a difference, enlightens minds, changes lives. And we believe in those who deliver these life-changing experiences. That’s who we solve problems for, to help them grow quickly.
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Programs running at CurioBoat

Curio selectively curates after-school activity providers to run their programs on our curio centers.

Problem we are looking to solve

Current education system is broken

The formal school and college education system is unfortunately not keeping up with the learning aspirations of a 21st century professional. A learner is having to self-initiate learning projects over the evenings and weekends. Also, a lot of the innovation in Education is actually happening outside the formal school / college system. How might we take such innovations to millions of aspirational learners?

Digital is not the answer

Most learners are currently resorting to online courses to meet their learning needs. While online courses are trying to solve for the problem of access to ‘quality’ education, they still suffer from low engagement rates, poor learning outcomes. Moreover, what about courses that do not lend well to a digital model of delivery? And, what about those learners who still prefer the physical offline experience?

Scope of the Opportunity

  • Market Size

    Blume’s recent report “It is Ed-Tech’s moment” projected med-tech’s share between 2.5-10% depending on sub-segments. What about the 90-97.5% offline market?
  • Targetted towards Urban Affluent

    CURIO’s possibility extends to all neighbourhoods where a parent is spending more than Rs. 75,000/yr on formal education
  • Hyperlocal Proximity

    There is a scope for a CURIO centre every 2-3 km as most learners prefer hyperlocal availability; CURIO is targeting MicroMarkets with a density of 1L residents per 2-3 km
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Roles & JDs

while startups sound sexy, learn what it takes to build one!

Work Timings
Full Time & Part Time

What are the work timings? What is our view on ‘work from home’? 

  • Full Time: Facilitation & Management Roles
    Full Time

    Weekly engagement

    5.5 days a week

    Weekly Schedule / Timings

    Tue to Sat - 9:30 am onwards + Sundays 9:30am to 2:30 pm

    Minimum Commitment

    for a very long time, if all goes well

    Work from home / office / center

    work from office or center primarily


    Minimum 6 months of prior work ex or internship experience

  • Part Time: Facilitation / Curriculum / Management
    Part Time

    Weekly engagement

    Begins from: 4 hrs x 4 days a week

    Can go up to: 4 hrs x 6 days a week

    Mutually decided between Candidate and Curio

    Weekly Timings / Schedule

    Mon to Sun - 3.30pm to 7.30pm

    Sat & Sun - 9.30am to 1:30pm

    Mutually decided between Candidate and Curio

    Minimum Commitment

    12 months

    Work from home / office / center

    work from office or center primarily


    Must be in a school job currently

  • Internships: Management / Facilitation / Curriculum
    Full Time / Part Time / Blended

    Weekly Engagement (During Summer and Semester Breaks) 

    4 hrs x 6 days a week OR Full Time

    Weekly Engagement (During Semester)

    4 hrs x 4 days a week OR 4 hrs x 6 days a week

    up to 4 weeks off for exams and preparation

    Weekly Schedule / Timings

    mutually decided based on semester schedule

    Minimum Commitment

    6 months

    Work from home / office / center

    work from office or center primarily


    Must be in college currently, or for recent grads without the required internship experience

What We Look for

Personal Connect

Personal connection with the problem that CurioBoat is solving.

Right Mindset

Experiment, fail, learn, repeat until you find something that works. Learn to take a 'no'. many of them. Really. A lot of them. Especially from potential clients. "That’s not my job" vs "I want to do more." There will be lots of things to do. Take ownership. "This can't be done" vs "If it needs to be done, I will find a way."

Self Learner

You should be excited about learning new things and learning on your own.


Complex problems require time and patience. There will be lots of ups and downs in this journey. We want people who are intellectually engaged by what we are looking to build and who don’t get disheartened / bored quickly.


Past experience of having started something / worked in a startup - either as a college project, internship or prior job, or candidates who have experience in a wide range of extracurricular pursuits, as opposed to just having focused on academics, will be preferred.


This is NOT a desk based role. This will be a customer-facing role and will require travelling to different parts of the city to meet with actual clients and partners. Personal vehicle is highly recommended (for practical and logistical reasons).

Recruitment Process

We are committed to a timely decision. From application to decision within 21 days. 

  • Number one
    Application Form + Short Video Answers
  • 2
    Role & Salary Alignment Conversation
  • 3
    Experiential Recruitment:
    Teaching + Management Support
  • Number 4
    Offer Letter
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