Helping Educator Grow, Quickly

Helping Scale Rapidly

Programs running at CurioBoat

Curio ties up with the world's best after-school activity providers to run multiple activities in several neighbourhood.

Programs which we are about to launch

Charting a Path to Excellence: Presenting our Visionary Program Launch
  • Public Speaking / Speech & Drama
  • Robotics, IOT
  • Self Defense
  • Financial Literacy
  • Cartooning
  • Woodmaking
  • Video Game Design
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Board Games
  • Gardening, Farming, Nature
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Movie Making & Photography
  • Climate Change & Sustainability
  • Data Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship

Phased approach to growth

  • Number one
    Tie-up & Onboarding
  • 2
    Pilot in 1-3 neighbourhoods
  • 3
    Grow - Delhi NCR
  • Number 4
    Scale beyond - Delhi NCR

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Curio? How is curio related to Spaceboat?

    CurioBoat (“CURIO”) is a network of neighbourhood activity and community centres that host multiple different classes, workshops, community meetups and other such learning and recreational events for people in the neighbourhood.
    SpaceBoat Technologies Pvt Ltd. is the legal entity.
    SpaceBoat (website) - is a space-sharing exchange between educators. Educators can rent learning spaces across Delhi/NCR on a flexible pay-as-per-use model or they can monetize the idle hours of their own learning spaces through SpaceBoat.
  • What will be Curriculum Partner Responsibilities

    Curriculum: A CurriculumPartner has to commit to creating a Curriculum repository for at least 3 age groups over their partnership with CURIO, with the following minimum Curriculum requirement for each age group
    Learning Kit / Material / Packs
    Teacher Recruitment: CURIO and a CurriculumPartner will jointly develop the recruitment process and salary structure
    Continuous Teacher Support
    Initial Marketing Collaterals
    Ongoing Marketing support
    Ongoing Sales support
    Parent interaction/Project Demo day - once a month / quarter (as per Curriculum partner deems fit)
  • What is the eligibilty to become a Curio Partner?

    CURIO is curating a selected few Curriculum Partners, given CURIO’s vision of different tracks for the development of a learner. CURIO ties up with Curriculum Partner who shares the same ethos and values towards the development of a learner
  • What will be the growth Roadmap?

    Pilot Phase - a CurriculumPartner and CURIO can mutually decide to launch the program in 3 to 6 MicroMarkets as part of the pilot
    Growth phase - Delhi NCR - If Pilot Phase is successful,
    We will either commit for rights to Next 3 MicroMarkets at a time or for rights to entire Delhi NCR
    We will target launching centers in 12-15 MicroMarkets @ 2-3 MicroMarkets in each quarter.
    Growth Phase - Beyond Delhi / NCR - We have already identified more than 50 cities where we will be launching CURIO centers. However, we anticipate the next 6-8 quarters being only in Delhi/NCR.
  • What will be the commercial offered to the Curriculum Partners? What will happen to IP?

    Commercial - To discuss in detail over a conversation
    Intellectual Property - The Curriculum as provided to CurioBoat is the intellectual property of the Curriculum Partner.
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